Mousetrap – the ultimate solution for effective and humane pest control

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Mousetrap - the ultimate solution for effective and humane pest control Od: 14,99  9,99 

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We do not mistreat animals, but it is necessary to address the health and safety risks posed by rats, including the spread of disease, structural damage and food contamination. And the way we eliminate rats is humane. The principle is that the rats are exhausted by the fierce fight and go into a state of shock.

Rodent Dangers: Rodents can spread disease, contaminate food and damage property. The mouse trap effectively eliminates these dangers by catching rats and mice, preventing further infestation and damage to your home.


  • The last resort for rodents: When other pest control methods have failed, the Sense mouse trap is your ultimate solution. The large, durable adhesive pads are pre-baited with a peanut butter scent that effectively attracts rodents, making them an excellent alternative to traditional wooden traps and electronic rat killers.
  • Clean and hygienic pest control: rid your home of unwanted pests and ensure a clean and hygienic environment with the mouse trap. Its robust polystyrene construction ensures durability even in damp and wet areas and ensures long-lasting efficiency.
  • Satisfactory Catching Without Escape: Say goodbye to false triggers, stolen baits and escaping mice. The mouse trap features a powerful formula that ensures rats are caught every time. Its improved humane design guarantees that once caught, rodents are effectively and humanely eliminated.
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH: With the strongest adhesive formula available and over 1000 square inches of rat-stop coverage, the mouse trap not only catches mice, but also crawling spiders, beetles and various other creepy crawlies. Free your home from unwanted visitors in seconds.


  • 1. Made of durable and waterproof PU material, ensuring durability and moisture resistance.
  • 2. Strong Glue: High quality black glue makes catching large mice and rats easier.
  • 3. Suitable for placement in tight spaces, making it versatile for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices and more.
  • 4. Safe and non-toxic: Harmless to people and pets.
  • 5. Type: Mousetrap
  • 6. Material: PU
  • 7. Size: 120cm*28cm
  • Package: 1* mouse trap 


  • Please allow slight dimensional deviations due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the pictures.

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